Accessibility Statement for Seastar

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Seastar is a beautiful seafront house situated with direct access to the beach from the promenade. The house is arranged to make the best of the beautiful sea views with four ground floor bedrooms and lift access to the fifth and Master bedroom, open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen on the first floor. Deal town centre is approximately one mile away and easily accessible along the level promenade which extends approximately four miles from Sandown to Kingsdown.

Seastar sleeps eight people in five bedrooms. The ground floor consists of a utility room, separate toilet, family shower room, and four bedrooms; including a family bedroom with ensuite, kingsize bed and single profiling Bakare bed, two further singles and a wheelchair accessible single bedroom with profiling Bakare bed, overhead hoist, ensuite accessible wet room, lift to upper floor and level access to a private courtyard. The first floor includes the Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, lounge, kitchen and dining room with access to a decking area overlooking the beach.

The property is located on level road and accessed via a gentle concrete ramp to the level access front door.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01304 612 783 or email


  • For full details and maps of how to reach Seastar, please see the ‘how to find us’ page of our website. Alternatively plan your journey by car or public transport using; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is CT14 6NT to get directions.
  • The nearest railway station is Deal which is 3 miles away. Taxis are available at the station with further information below in the contact details
  • For details of bus routes please see contact information below for useful links.
  • Seastar is accessed from Sandown Road. This is a level road with no slopes. The path is paved but has some undulations mainly across people’s driveways.
  • Deal Mobility is a local shop providing wheelchair and mobility scooter hire. Kent Mobility based in Tonbridge and Wealden Rehab in Chatham have a more comprehensive range of equipment for hire.  Details below.
  • There are a number of accessible toilets in the local area with further information available via these links; and
  • Sainsburys in Deal, Tesco’s in Whitfield and Waitrose in Ramsgate all have an internet shopping service available.
  • There is a floorplan of the property available on our website to try and provide as much information as possible and any documents can be provided in a larger font as required.  Some sections of this accessibility statement are highlighted to draw your attention to areas of the house which may not be ideal in terms of accessibility as we wish to be transparent and want you to have a trouble free holiday with us.

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking

  • Keys are locked in a keysafe box located by the front door and also on the back gate to allow access between the private courtyard at the back and beachfront decking. Codes will be provided prior to arrival.
  • It may be possible to arrange for you to be met and shown the property if you desire but this is not guaranteed. You will receive a comprehensive information pack about Seastar and its locality before you arrive and a copy is available to browse at your leisure whilst on holiday. If you have any questions prior to arrival we will be happy to help.
  • There is parking for one car on the driveway. The driveway is gently sloped and it is NOT recommended that is is used when unloading / loading wheelchairs. We suggest unloading on the level roadside and then parking on the driveway if possible. Click to view image.
  • The roadway has no parking restrictions so it is possible to park a second car roadside directly outside the house if required but do be aware of buses turning towards parked cars.
  • The kerb provides level access to the driveway and the driveway has a gentle sloped concrete ramp providing level access to the property with suitable external lighting.

Entrance to Property

  • The front door is 90cm/35.5” wide.  Click to view image.
  • The front door is well lit and has level access with a slight bump over the door threshold into the lobby which is stone tiled.
  • There is a ramp leading to the front door measuring 118cm /46.5” wide.

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Passageways

  • The lobby has a doorway into the utility room measuring 66cm/26”and separate toilet measuring 59cm/23; neither is accessible to wheelchairs.
  • There is a glass panelled doorway into the ground floor hall and main body of the house. This doorway measures 90cm/35.5” wide and requires a 45⁰ turn to access the ground floor hallway.
  • From the hallway is a stairway of 14 steps including two turning half landings.
  • The ground floor hallway provides access to three bedrooms and family shower room.  The doorway to the family bedroom measures 90cm/35.5” and the single bedrooms 69cm/27”. Click to view image.
  • There is a second hallway with laminate flooring leading into the ground floor accessible bedroom with carpet tiles. The doorway and passage way measures 85cm/33.5”. Note this is 5cm less than a standard accessible doorway, click to view image. This provides access to the accessible bedroom, wetroom and a full size lift to allow wheelchair user and the less mobile to access the first floor.
  • The lift is a drive in, drive out and requires no turning once in, The door needs to be held open to access and leave the lift so this is much more easily accomplished with assistance. The lift has an alarm, emergency release and autodialler to call for assistance in case of emergency. It also has a phone (the phone is not currently in use). Click to view image.
  • From the lift upstairs a further laminate floor lift lobby leads into the lounge. The lift lobby measures 118cm/46.5” at its narrowest point and 300cm/118” at its widest.  The doorway into the lounge measures 85cm/33.5”.  Again note this doorway is 5cm less than a standard accessible doorwayClick to view image.


  • The lift is a Cibes A5000 with a weight capacity of 400kg
  • The lift doors measure 90cm/35.5”
  • Internally the lift measures 147cm/58” in  length by 119cm/43” wide. Click to view image.

Sitting Room/Lounge

  • The lounge is situated on the first floor with level entry from the lift lobby or by using the stairs. Click to view image
  • The lounge is carpeted and contains a large leather corner sofa and low coffee table. The coffee table can be moved to allow more circulation space if required.
  • There is a digital television with remote control mounted on a wall in the corner of the room at a mid screen height of 160cm/63”
  • The room is beautiful and bright thanks to three huge windows providing stunning views of the beach and sea. There is also overhead lighting and lamps for the evening.
  • There is a DVD player and a supply of DVD’s.
  • There are three neutral coloured electric blinds operated by remote control.
  • There is an electric rise and recline armchair to give assistance to guests needing more seating support or help getting up from a chair and a mobile hoist is available at a hire charge is required

Dining Room

  • The dining room is situated on the first floor with level entry from the lounge through a wide walkthrough measuring 172cm/68”. Click to view image.
  • The dining room floor is laminate.
  • The dining room table can be moved within the room. It measures 62cm/24.5” from floor to the lowest point of the table and 74cm/29” to the table top. It will usually be set up to seat six people with the table measuring 175cm/69”. Chairs are upright without arms and with seat padding. For larger parties it can be extended to seat eight people by adding a hidden panel to the middle of the table and will then measure 260cm/102.5”. Two further chairs are available to seat eight people comfortably.

In full extension it is difficult for a wheelchair user to move around the dining room and the table may require reducing in size to allow more circulation space after a meal. Adjusting the table size is very simple. In full extension a wheelchair user would be most comfortable at the head of the table where there is more space and circulation room.

  • The dining room also has a breakfast bar overlooking the kitchen with two high stools which can be folded away if required.
  • The dining room has beautiful daytime lighting courtesy of the patio doors leading out onto the decking and providing further stunning views of the beach and sea. The doors can be opened to enjoy the space and views.
  • In the evenings there is overhead lighting to provide ambience.


  • The kitchen is located off the dining room with level access on laminate flooring. Click to view image.
  • The walkway between dining room and kitchen is 73cm/29” wide and may not be accessible to a wheelchair user depending on chair size.
  • All appliances are floor standing and include oven and hob, dishwasher, American fridge / freezer, microwave and various cupboards.
  • The oven measures 90cm/35.5” wide by 59cm/23” deep and the door is drop down. The grill is integral to the oven and hence not at head height. The hob has five burners.
  • The dishwasher has a drop down door.
  • The Fridge / freezer doors open outward but would be difficult to access from a wheelchair due to the proximity of the breakfast bar in the dining room. There are 5 shelves in the fridge the highest being 147cm/58” and 6 drawers in the freezer, the highest being 143cm/56”.
  • The worksurfaces and sink are 92cm/36” high.
  • There are four wall cupboards; two situated on the worksurfaces with three shelves each, the highest being 182cm/72”. Two are wall mounted at a minimum height of 142cm/56”. Contents can be moved to lower cupboards. Please request when booking.
  • Sink taps include a level tap delivering filtered water and a level mixer tap
  • Lighting is provided by natural light and spot lights

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

There are four ground floor bedrooms


  • The family room is accessed from the ground floor hallway; the doorway is 90cm/35.5” wide.
  • The Family room includes a kingsize divan bed and a single profiling Bakare bed standing at 60cm/23.5” at it lowest point and 84cm/33” at its highest point.  Click to view image.
  • The room is carpeted.
  • The single Bakare bed is on castors and can be moved away from the wall into the middle of the bed space to allow carers to work both sides of the bed if required.  Note there is no hoisting available in this room currently but A Molift Smart mobile hoist is available for hire.
  • The bed has two part side rails to prevent falls or these can be left lowered so the bed can be used as an ordinary single. Click to view image.
  • Bumpers are available, including sides and feet. Please request them when booking.
  • The bed profiles up and down and the head and feet of the bed raise and lower. This is controlled using a hand set.
  • There is ample access for wheelchair users to both beds. Please note the single bed is slightly partitioned off by the archway between the two bedroom spaces measuring 151cm/59.5”
  • For information on the Family room ensuite please see below.
  • Lighting is provided from the window, overhead lighting and table lamps.
  • There is a shared wardrobe and drawers
  • Duvets are 10.5tog non-allergenic, pillows are non-allergenic firm support.


  • There are two single bedrooms on the ground floor accessed from the ground floor hallway. Click to view image. Doorways are 69cm/27” wide. These bedrooms contain a single bed and wardrobe consisting of hanging space, and shelving. Both rooms are carpet tiled and lit by window, overhead lighting and table lamp. These bedrooms have access to a separate family shower room also on ground floor.
  • Duvets are 10.5tog non-allergenic, pillows are non-allergenic firm support.


  • The accessible bedroom has a single profiling Bakare bed with Medi-Pro+ pressure care mattress. The bed can be moved to the middle of the room using castors to allow carers to work both sides of the bed if required. The bed profiles up and down, the head and foot raise and lower and the entire bed can be tipped (head up/feet down) for providing therapy. These functions are controlled using a hand set. The bed has two part side rails which can be raised to prevent falls or left lowered allowing the bed to be used as a standard single.  Click to view image.
  • Bumpers are available for sides and feet. Please request when booking.
  • There is an H frame hoisting system in the bedroom using a Skyframe cassette with a hook and loop sling system. SLINGS ARE NOT PROVIDED. Please note the ceiling height is lower than average, meaning the gap between the lowest point of the hoist and the bed may be less than you are used to and sling loop selections may need adjustment. This is unlikely to be a problem with any persons less than average adult height. Click to view image.
  • The bedroom measures 247cm/8ft 1” from wall to alcove.  The bed measures 100cm/3ft 5” wide.  Working space will depend on where the bed is situated. If the bed is against the wall there is a working space of approximately 147cm/58” to the side of the bed.
  • If the bed is in the middle of the room this working space is split.
  • There is a working space of 120cm/47” to the bottom of the bed
  • There is a maximum working space of 95cm/3ft 1.5” between the hoist at its highest point and the bed at its lowest point.
  • The accessible bedroom consists of the bedroom, wet room and lift area and is all open plan
  • The bedroom and lift area are carpet tiled.
  • There is a six shelf storage unit, shelves, bedside table, bedside chair and wall hooks. Please note there is no wardrobe in this room.
  • There is a corner mounted flat screen television with free view box in this bedroom.
  • Lighting is provided via large bifold patio doors which provide level access to a private courtyard and by over headlighting and table lamps. Click to view image.
  • The lift also has strip lighting and we suggest the lift is stored upstairs at night to prevent disturbance from the lift light.
  • Duvets are 10.5tog non-allergenic, pillows are non-allergenic firm support
  • For details of wet room please see below.

There is one first floor bedroom


  • The Master bedroom is accessed from the first floor lift lobby; the doorway is 79cm/31” wide. Click to view image.
  • It includes a kingsize frame bed standing at 50cm/20” at its highest point
  • The room is laminate floored.
  • Lighting is provided from the window, overhead lighting and table lamps.
  • There are two built in wardrobes including hanging space and shelving.
  • Duvets are 10.5tog non-allergenic, pillows are non-allergenic firm support.
  • For information on the ensuite please see below.

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets

There are four bathrooms within the property; three of which are ensuite and a further separate toilet


  • This bathroom is situated on the ground floor ensuite to the accessible bedroom.  Click to view image.
  • The accessible bathroom has level access from the bedroom with an open plan design meaning there are no doorways to negotiate with a toilet seat or similar. The alcove between bedroom and bathroom is 116cm/45.5” wide.
  • The shower is wheel-in level access with a half height shower panel which can be folded away if required and a half height shower curtain which meets the shower panel or can also be pushed aside if carer access is needed. The shower is temperature controlled to prevent scalding.  Click to view image.
  • The shower cubicle measures 81.5cm/32” wide by 130cm/51” long when the shower panels are in place.
  • The shower cubicle has high contrast grab rails to facilitate support whilst sitting or standing.  Click to view image.
  • The toilet is 40cm/15.75” high. The cistern is placed high on the wall to accommodate a toilet seat without impeding on the cistern
  • The toilet has a high contrast toilet seat.
  • The toilet has high contrast grab rails including a rail for standing and a pull down rail beside the shower for supported sitting and a static rail to the other wall.  Click to view image.
  • The washbasin is fixed at 90cm/35.5” high with no pedestal
  • The washbasin taps are lever design
  • The wash basin has a high contrast grab rail.  Click to view image.
  • The mirror is set at 120cm/50.5” at its lowest point.
  • The room is lit naturally by two large opaque windows and has an electronic blind operated by removed control. There is also overhead spot lighting.
  • The colour scheme for the room is blue non slip flooring and white fully tiled walls
  • There is an accessible toilet available for guests use without charge.  This is a Freeway T80 shower / commode chair.  Click to view image.  It has an extended head rest which can be removed if required.  It moves on castors and will fit in the shower and over the toilet or has a commode pan if required.  The chair tilts in space for ease of hoisting and security of user  Click to view image and has a lap belt and foot plates for safety.  The chair has a seat depth of 17.5″.  The seat width is 15.5-19″ depending on the use of the removable padding to the chair arms.  The aperture is 9″ long by 6″ at its widest point.


  • This bathroom is situated on the ground floor ensuite to the family bedroom
  • The doorway to this ensuite shower room is 65cm/25.5” wide.  This bathroom is not suitable for wheelchair users due to its size and the proximity of the single bed.  Click to view image.
  • The room contains a traditional shower with a step in cubicle which is 117cm/46” wide.
  • There is also a toilet and small sink.
  • There is natural lighting and overhead lighting
  • The floor is tiled


  • This bathroom is situated on the ground floor off the ground floor hallway.
  • The doorway is 57cm/22.5” wide and not suitable for wheelchair users due to the size of the shower room.
  • The room contains a traditional shower with a step in cubicle which is 117cm/46”  wide.
  • There is also a toilet and sink.
  • There is overhead lighting
  • The floor is tiled


  • This toilet is situated on the ground floor off the Utility room.
  • The utility room door is 67cm/26” wide and the utility room toilet door 59cm/23” wide.
  • There is overhead lighting
  • The floor is tiled


  • This bathroom is located on the first floor off the Master bedroom
  • The doorway is 69cm/27” wide and not suitable for wheelchair users due to the bedroom furniture
  • The bathroom has natural and overhead lighting
  • It is fully tiled and has a tiled floor
  • The bathroom includes a bath with overhead shower and bath panel, a toilet and sink

Laundry/Utility Room

  • The utility room is situated on the ground floor off the front door lobby.
  • It is accessed via a doorway 67cm/26” wide
  • It contains a front loading washing machine, front loading tumble dryer, separate toilet as described above, box containing patio equipment and cleaning equipment and a sink with traditional taps. Click to view image.
  • The floor is tiled
  • Light is provided from the window, a single overhead light and the external door which leads to the private courtyard.
  • The external door has a step down. Alternate level access is gained via the accessible bedroom to the courtyard.


  • The property has a private and sheltered, walled courtyard garden. Click to view image.
  • It is level and totally paved
  • It is planted around the edges giving further privacy and adding interest
  • In the centre is a washing line which can be removed when the courtyard is being used
  • There is a ‘hideaway’ containing a table and eight chairs
  • A BBQ is available
  • The rear of the property (beach side) is almost fully decked with a small amount of sympathetic planting
  • Immediately outside of the patio doors is a ramp leading to a small upper decked area. Click to view image.
  • This leads to a second ramp 122cm/48” wide at its narrowest, which runs into a larger decked area sheltered by the garden walls.  Click to view image.
  • This area contains a substantial table and integral seating. This cannot be moved.  There is wheelchair space at either end of the table with approximately a 1m turning circle.  Click to view image.
  • A parasol is situated in the utility room
  • The rear of the property has direct access to the upper and lower promenades and beach although this requires a substantial step down and is therefore NOT suitable for a wheelchair or less mobile person to accessclick to view image. There are steps a little way from the property to access the different levels. Click to view image of steps to lower promenade and view image of steps to the beach.
  • Wheelchair users and the less mobile can however, enjoy the view from the decking and be in view of children playing on the beach or access the promenade by leaving the house and using the gates 150yds from the property, click to view image. These gates are open in the Summer months (April to September).  In the Winter (October to March) access to the promenade can be found via a purpose built ramp approximately ¼ mile from the house.
  • There are steps from the lower decking leading to a gate with keybox which in turn leads into the courtyard

Molift Smart Mobile Hoist

A Molift Smart Mobile Hoist is available for hire with a lift capacity of 24 stone or 150kg and the following technical detail

Width with legs open fully: 92cm (36.25″)

Width with legs closed: 66cm (36.25″)

Lifting height: 270mm: 168cm (10.5″ – 66″)

Leg Height 11cm to get under a bed or bath